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Traditional RICS Grünkohlessen: "Put our RICS members back at the centre of everything we do"

In accordance with Corona regulations, we were again invited to the traditional kale dinner (Grünkohlessen) of the RICS Hamburg Regional Group. As a member of the Governing Council, I was asked to present the main findings of the Independent Review by Alison Levitt. Levitt had declared: "RICS has lost its way". At the same time, I was asked to give an outlook on how work is now being done on purpose, leadership and strategy under the leadership of Lord Bichard.

In any case, I will do my utmost to ensure that we "put our members back at the centre of everything we do", as Nicholas Maclean FRICS said at the AGM a few days ago. A lot of things have gone in the wrong direction. But I am very confident that RICS Governing Council is making the right adjustments.

Many thanks to the two leaders of the Hamburg RICS regional group Regina Bohla FRICS und Anne Bailly MRICS for organising this wonderful, traditional event.

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