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Investment Manager (AIFM)
Martin Eberhardt Solutions Investment Manager AIFM

Real asset investment management no longer benefits from the persistently low interest rate environment. Competition is constantly increasing and requirements are increasing - not least due to government regulation.

My consulting approach includes the entire scope of the success components of an AIFM:

  • Positioning and definition of competitive advantages (USPs)

  • Testing and, if necessary, optimization of Governance, organization and processes 

  • Portfolio definition and optimization

  • Transaction advice

  • Strategy and product development (e.g. impact funds)

  • Placement

Holistic sustainability concepts (ESG) are particularly important at the company, portfolio and individual property levels, as well as, for example, in the sphere of the “Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation”.

Property Developer
Martin Eberhardt Solutions Project Developer

Megatrends such as digitization , demographic change, sustainability or urbanization increase the risks, but also offer opportunities.

I support project developers as follows:

  • Positioning the company and projects

  • Generation of competitive advantages (USPs) at company and project level

  • Development and introduction of sustainability concepts (ESG)

  • Development of innovative usage concepts - also for existing buildings

  • Transaction advice

  • Support in communication with politics, authorities and civil society for the creation of building permits

In addition, I have dealt with the development of Urban Blocks 4.0 and smart city quarters with a high level of density and a consistent mix of uses. The summary of these thoughts can be found here . And this is the download for the RICS positions on the subject of "Urban Block 4.0 in the smart quarter".

Asset Manager
Martin Eberhardt Solutions Asset Manager Portfolio Holder

Property performance, cost pressure, digitization, ESG: the challenges for inventory managers are increasing. In addition, the EU taxonomy even increases the risk of stranded assets. My solution approaches are derived from this:

  • Analysis and optimization of the inventory ("work on the object")

  • Development of property strategies through to changes in use

  • Development of a taxonomy-compliant portfolio - "manage to ESG"
    - Review and, if necessary, adjustment of the existing portfolio
    - Development of a roadmap
    - Green leases and "green" service contracts
    - Certifications and ratings
    - "Retrofit" of the objects

  • Increase in the quality and efficiency of the AM unit, for example through digital instruments

  • Transaction advice

Larger projects are worked on under my leadership with experienced network partners.

Supervisory and Advisory Bodies
Supervisory board Martin Eberhardt

The business environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Therefore, holistic strategy and change skills as well as integrity, teamwork and sustainability expertise (ESG) are essential for professional supervisory and advisory boards. The goal is to maintain or increase the sustainable profitability of a company.

Convinced of the concept of "forward-looking monitoring", I successfully brought and continue to bring the above-mentioned attributes into national and international committee work - such as for the AIFMHanover Leasing Investment and many years as a member of the supervisory board for a listed real estate company.

Corporate Real estate Martin Eberhardt

"The digitization of the world of work has the consequence that within the next ten years around half of this space will have to be transformed in a future-proof manner - if only to continue to serve as the basis for a competitive and successful German economy," says a study by the ZIA of the TU Darmstadt .

I also pursue a holistic approach in the corporate real estate segment. Here are the most important modules:


  • Portfolio analysis and optimization

  • Support in implementing a sustainable area transformation

  • Development of Taylor-made real estate solutions for different business units

  • Development and implementation of ESG concepts

  • Support in project development (see above)

  • M&A Real Estate Advisory




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