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Sustainability / ESG, digitization , socio-demographic change, urbanization, regulation and the low interest rate environment  show a super additive effect. They are exerting considerable pressure to change in all areas of the real estate industry and the service fields mentioned below.


In an increasingly competitive environment, forward-looking concepts are therefore required. And this at all management levels, across the entire real estate value chain and for real estate portfolios. This is exactly where the advisory approach of AperDurus and its partners comes in, which can be accessed in modules, but is always based on a holistic approach.




ESG / sustainability


ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is a decisive driver of change across all levels of the real estate industry. This is an essential, overarching factor for the services described above.

There is particular pressure from politicians and regulators (e.g. EU Action Plan Sustainable Finance). In inventory management in particular, there is even a risk of so-called " stranded assets ".


But ESG is also increasingly relevant for project developers and especially in portfolio development. Tenants, investors, civil society and public administration are demanding it. I show a "green way" that pays off.

Investment Management Advisory

The regulatory and market requirements in investment management are increasing and margins are falling.


My consulting approach encompasses all the components of success from the optimization and positioning of investment managers (AIFM) in the area of real assets - with their organization, their processes and their governance - through strategy and product development to the placement of investment solutions. One example is the core-satellite strategy that I have implemented.


It is my ambition to identify USPs at all levels in order to avoid price competition

Asset Management Advisory

The expectation of real estate asset management to maintain the values of a property in the time of the low interest rate environment, structural changes in demand and the corona crisis is growing.


The cost pressure is great, but so are the performance expectations. I show a way out of this dilemma. In the center of my advice I fill concepts such as efficiency gains and quality leadership with real content.


My passion is also operational asset management. I am more than happy to support projects at portfolio and individual property level.

Supervisory and advisory board activities


Even without the upheavals as a result of the corona pandemic, the framework conditions for companies are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.


Experience from past real estate cycles appears equally important, as does knowledge of the future challenges that arise from economic and social structural change.


As part of supervisory and advisory board mandates, I contribute my experience and my view of the future. In doing so, I introduce the concept of "predictive control" to control bodies.



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