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Real Estate & Management Advisory for Professionals


Asset & Investment Management

The requirements in the Asset & Investment Management segments are increasing and margins are falling.

My consulting approach encompasses all success components from the optimization and positioning of managers & AIFM - with their organization, their processes and their governance - through strategy and product development to the placement of investment solutions.

Professional real estate asset management is often underestimated. But it is crucial to maintain the income from a property and, at best, to increase it. I help to optimize the performance of the organization and portfolio.


The consumption of resources and especially CO2 in the construction and operation of buildings is huge. It is therefore not surprising that the pressure from regulators, civil society, tenants and investors on actors in the real estate industry is growing.

" Manage to ESG " is indispensable at all levels of the real estate industry.

There is the risk of " Stranded Assets ".

I support in mitigating those risks and also do this with network partners in the field of technology and law.


Supervisory and advisory board activities

Companies are in the "VUCA-World". This world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and carries enormous risks.

Megatrends such as digitization, climate change, urbanization or socio-demographic challenges call for a controlled evolution of companies.


For supervisory and advisory boards, holistic and strategic change competence is therefore necessary. I like to bring in both attributes.

Shaping the Change


" What does the sustainable and now accelerated change mean for project developments, portfolios and their managers?

The intrinsic value of real estate is falling and the risk for developers and owners increases. Weaknesses in management must be eliminated and new competencies come into focus .

Martin Eberhardt in: Real Estate & Financing, edition 08/2020



AperDurus is an advisor led by Martin Eberhardt in the field of real estate and management. The focus is on investment & asset management, project development and the topics of ESG as well as supervisory and advisory board activities.


Together with network partners, Martin Eberhardt shows solutions for real estate, urban development and the real estate investment of tomorrow.




Martin Eberhardt, Hamburg
+49 (0) 172 4520621

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